February 25, 2011


Aside from being such a cool-looking character, Tito Pepito's got tons of stories and showed me this kick-ass sword that he got from the war. I'll be hanging out with him more to listen to his stories.


yo-sarrian said...

Nice work, man! Saw you from The Strobist blog. Keep up the good work!

Paul Aiken said...

I like your style Diago, congrats on getting linked from Strobist. :-)

Andrew Hughes said...

Cool work. It literally made me say "wow". Congrats on the Strobist link.

Ian Villar said...

good job on the strobist link..
i see your work everywhere
(the swimmer and vball spike shot)
kepe up the good work!

Ken Thompson said...

Making a great photo of a face with a lot of character is such a challenge. These shots look very natural.

2Max said...

Got the link from the strobist. Great work. Keep it up.

Diego Lorenzo Jose said...

I'm overwhelmed with the comments - thank you all! :)


Rory Nolan said...

Hi Diego,
Followed you link from the stobist blog. Lovely pics and a definate 'wow' factor. However to give some constructive criticism sometimes the brightest part of your pics detracts from the focus. To see what I mean turn your pics upside down and see where you eye is drawn if you know what I mean.
Kind regards
Rory Nolan

Diego Lorenzo Jose said...

Hi Rory,

Thanks for the comment and criticism - I actually like it that way. To each his own I guess :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Diego,
you are truly an artist of the lens.

Diego Lorenzo Jose said...

TM > Thanks for the kind words, very much appreciated! :D


cebu flight said...

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